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Ultraman Ribut


Ultraman Ribut appears

The Defense Rescue Force were investigating a ball of fire that fell onto the Earth, causing a mysterious haze to develop. After complaining about illegal logging and river pollution, they found that the cause was Alien Kilat, who then attacked them in their aircrafts. Fortunately, Terasawa of DRF turned into Ultraman Ribut and saved the Aman 1 plane from crashing. Alien Kilat decided to take Aman 2 as a hostage and blasted at Ribut, though he simply dodged the attacks and ran towards the alien, who had thrown the plane towards a highway. Acting quickly, Ribut flew towards it and grabbed it out of the air.


Ultraman Ribut (ウルトラマンリブット Urutoraman Ributto) is an Ultra created by the joint collaboration of Les’ Copaque Productions, the creators of Upin and Ipin, and Tsuburaya Productions. He starred in episodes 25 to 27 in the 8th season and episodes 28 to 30 in the 9th season of Upin and Ipin in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Ribut made his first canon on-screen appearance in Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes.